A Thank-You Letter for the Happiest Birthday

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful day. It is the BEST birthday ever!

Thank You for giving me so many brothers and sisters. I received their wishes and could feel their sincerity and love. I felt so wanted and blessed for the first time. But I know those blessings are from You. You never want me to be alone, so You’re showing your unconditional love through my family and friends.

Thank you for giving me a great movie “Mission: Impossible 4” to enjoy. You taught me through it that there was no impossible mission as long as we followed your path: 1. Have a specific goal; 2. Make a sophisticated plan; 3. Collaborate with your team; 4. Learn to fail or fail to learn; 5. Hold on to the last minute even it may seem hopeless; and 6. Running needs a strong body. The foundation of the mission, however, must be righteous and godly.

Thank you for giving me a great dinner: corn porridge, tofu with scallion, and fried Chinese beans. They are my favorite. You also prepared fruits and yogurts to help me better digest so as to become healthier. I feel very comfortable and energetic now.

Thank you for giving me a clear mind when dealing with my blogs. It was You who enlightened me to separate them according to different themes and topics. You helped me to adjust them properly with patience. Now they look much better, and I’m sure such an arrangement would provide convenience for me later.

Thank you for giving me the music, no matter they are from Kenny G, or from the Hillsong United, or from Li Jian and other artists. You played those touching music to delight me, to relieve me, and to save me. So I listened to and sang those songs to feel You, to praise You, and to worship You.

Now I know why all Your children call you the “Almighty God.” You have done beyond what I can even think of to ask for, and You have met my needs in ways more wonderful than I can even imagine.

Now I know why aunt Shijie, Vivian, Sandra, Ada, Jeanne, Michael, and other brothers and sisters look so peaceful and shiny. Because they have You in their hearts. They are humble because they know Your glory and wisdom is far more beyond their knowledge.

I can’t praise You more, Father. I can’t be more grateful for what You have prepared for me. I can’t submit to you more for Your mercy and forgiveness and power.

I pray that You will answer my doubts in Your perfect way and time, that You will strengthen my faith in You, that You will expand my resources and abilities and knowledge so as to be used by You, and that You are always be with me to straighten my way.

I pray that You will bless all Your children, that You will save all the nations, and that You will give the world peace and love.

I pray that You will answer all my prayers and lead me to recognize all your answers and blessings.

In the name of Jesus, Amen!


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