Lord, please wash away my arrogance and self-centeredness

Dear Lord,

Thank you for redeeming me and accepting me to be your follower. Thank you for dying for my sins. Thank you for your love, forgiveness, mercy and protection.

I praise you, Lord, for arranging difficulties and failures for me to face so that I can know how limited and weak I am. Lord, You are blessing me with everything.

But I’m so sorry for coming short and for being selfish and self-centered. I didn’t take others interests and good into consideration. I forced others to suit my plan and follow my pace, I expected them to accept my excuses and forgive my faults, and I felt disappointed and angry when they couldn’t forgive me.

If I wear in their shoes, would I behave any better? If I couldn’t, how can I ask others to be perfect and forgiving when I committed sins? And how can I have bitterness for others’ being angry with me?

Nobody can save me and forgive me. Only you can.

As you have forgiven me, so I can forgive others. As you have loved me, so I can love others.

Lord, thank you for letting me know people are different and I can’t please everybody. And I shouldn’t please people instead of you.

Lord, I’ve done what I can do. Please take care of the rest. I trust you!

Thank you for your forgiveness and unconditional love, even when I’m so awful!

Please bless me with a peaceful heart and the wisdom to communicate with people with empathy, love and care.

In Your name, I pray, Amen!


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