Be a grateful sunflower

Are you a heliotrope kind of person? Or do you feel motivated and high when sunny but depressed and low when rainy and cloudy? If so, congratulations, you belong to the “sunflower family” as I do!

You know it’s really annoying, even depressing, if you can’t get exposed to sunshine for a period of time. You are tired, sad, stressful, and less efficient and productive as a result. All you wish for is sunshine, at least for a couple of minutes in a day.

Normally I love Boston, especially its mild climate and usually bright sky. But the city disappointed me for the past two weeks since it had been rainy or cloudy all the time. I felt like I was always sleepy and exhausted. I kept procrastinating. And I became a heavy coffee drinker.

My friends and I complained to each other, wondering if we were experiencing depression. This may be one of a few good things that happen to you in bad weathers: you have more talk with your friends to vent your frustration, realizing you are not the only one who is sentimental — you have a community.

But thank God for today’s fabulous sun and crystal clear sky! I can finally open my eyes and feel passionate about doing my homework.

Perfect blue sky

How can I forget the beautiful lawn in front of the COM building?

COM under sunshine

God has His reason to make it rain. I don’t need to ask why. All I need to remember is this, without the dark days, how can I know how precious it is to have light back?

I want to be a grateful sunflower. Do you?


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