Give thanks to His mercy

Ada’s neighbor committed suicide yesterday. Shocked and sad, Ada shared with me her compassion for the family, especially for her classmate, the suicide’s wife. As daughters who suffered the loss of fathers, we understand the grief they are going through, yet we could do nothing but pray for God’s comfort for them. We also prayed God can bring them back to His family through the loss of their beloved one.

Yet the tragedy also reminded us that we should appreciate that we are able to live this life. Whatever hardship we are facing and whatever pressure we are experiencing, as long as we can breathe, we are able to overcome them, because Jesus has conquered the grave.

We were also reminded that our life is at His mercy and grace (what if He takes away all the air?). We have the responsibility to take good care of ourselves as our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit.

We were so blessed that He found us when we were young so that we could live a new life at an early age, saying goodbye to our old selves and expecting an eternal life. So we pray that God will show His mercy on more people, that He can use us to bring them back to Him and nourish each other for ever and ever. Amen!



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