Shaped to live for my purpose

Since the beginning of this semester, I’d been experiencing insecurity: As a second-year graduate student, I should begin to look for internships and even a job. But I had no idea about where I would be going and what I should do. “Should I pursue a career in nonprofit communications or should I delve into market research?””Am I finding a job in the United States or am I going back to China?”

The conversations within me then were elevated to philosophical issues: “Who am I?” “What is my calling?” “What’s my purpose on this earth?”, “What are my gifts?”, “What are the things that I can live without?” I got stumbled by my confusion and wandered around COM without a clear goal. Life sucked.

God has never abandoned me, which I always know and am grateful for. Thank Him for illuminating my way through Pastor Rick Warren’s sermon “The Work God Shaped You To Do.” Now I want to share with you the inspiring messages about “how do I find the job that fits my shape”:

1. Examine and evaluate my shape.

  • “Try to have a sane estimate of your capabilities by the light of the faith God has given to you.” (Romans 12:3, Ph)
  • ”Did all your experiences mean nothing at all? Surely it meant something!” (Galatians 3:4, NIV)

From my self-evaluation, I can tell that God shaped me with a sense of compassion: I care for people’s well-being and their feelings. I feel fulfilled when I can encourage people and bring them relief. I enjoy helping people and providing them ideas and resources. I like reading and writing about hearts, not money and politics.

What’s more, God has equipped me with an educational foundation in nonprofit communications. And looking back to my internship during the past summer, I realize I do have a passion for public service by working as a nonprofit public relations officer.

If God has been shaping me like this, I’m sure He has been shaping you according to His image and His glory, too. Spend some time doing a SWOT analysis for yourself, and also ask for advice from people who know you and love you. More importantly, pray to God and wait for His answer. He knows what He is doing.

2. Experience and test.

  • “Dreaming all the time instead of working is foolishness. And there is ruin in a flood of empty words.” (Ecclesiastes 5:7, NLT)
  • “Put these abilities to work; throw yourself into your tasks so everyone may notice your improvement and progress.” (1 Timothy 4:15, LB)
  • “Whatever you do, do your best.” (Ecclesiastes 9:10, NCV)

I think God was speaking to me when I learned these messages: Rather than taking actions, I spent too much time dreaming my future and doubting if my dreams could be realized and whether they were pleasing in God’s eyes. How foolish I was!

If I want to serve God’s people by working in the nonprofit sector, then why do I have to wait? If I need a internship, go look for one. God knows me, and He already gives me everything I need. Praise the Lord!

Additionally, as P. Rick said, our part is to work on building our characters through the challenges and tests, and it’s God who works on our career. So let’s do our best to try things out.

3. Step out in faith.

  • “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” (Ecclesiastes 11:4, NLT)
  • “Commit your work to the Lord, and then your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3, NLT)

For a perfectionist like me, these two verses cannot be more incisive. The fear of failure and rejection did nothing good but prevented me from moving on and working on my part. If I still dwell on pursuing perfection and wait for perfect conditions to start networking and reaching out for opportunities that God has put there in front of me, do I have any reasons to complain to God for not caring about me? Sometimes I just need to step out of the water and take a leap in faith. God is in control, so why should I fear?

God wants His daughter to be fearless. I want to become more and more courageous. And I know so do you. Let’s learn to surrender and commit our work and plans and all our hearts and souls and strength to Him, for He will take care of us and help us succeed.

Dear God, thank you for your mercy and love, please bless your children who are in my situation with the wisdom to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, with the courage to be ourselves, and with the confidence to walk on water. Please protect us all the way. Our hope is in You. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


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