Going to Urbana 12

Official registered for Urbana 12 Intervaristy’s Student Missions Conference today! Praise the Lord for giving me this great opportunity, and I also appreciate the support from Boston University Intervarsity’s International Student Ministry (ISM).

God actually called me for the first time during the past summer vacation, when I was unsure of my schedule for the winter. (Mschedule! Too many times I prioritized my schedule over His.) Yet He waited on me patiently. Then, I got to learn more about Urbana 12 at this year’s Columbus Day retreat, but I still felt it unrelated to me.

Until one day right after the retreat, I called Sarah (a BU Intervarsity staff) because I felt so frustrated about my classes this semester and so lost for my career and even life, then she suggested I go to Urbana. She told me many Christian nonprofits would exhibit there and students from all over the world would attend the conference to seek God’s purposes for them, which made it an opportunity to figure out my mission. After the call, I began to consider going. Thank God for relieving my financial concern by providing scholarship, encouraging me to make the final decision.

So this is the story behind my registration. It’s kinda interesting when I looked back. How can there be so much concern and hesitation? God is offering Urbana 12 to bless me, but it took so long for me to follow His calling. Doesn’t it also reflect our struggle in surrendering to Him?

Fortunately, the Holy Spirit motivated me to say yes. I’m coming, my Lord.  See You in St. Louis!


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