Never take it for granted

580 Comm. Ave., B-line, and Kenmore’s CITGO

What do you usually do to motivate yourself? What would you suggest us to do to become happier?

One way for me to gain peace and happiness is to appreciate what I’ve been blessed with. Indeed, without God’s grace and blessings, I am nothing. He created me and provides me air to breathe, shouldn’t I be thankful?

But He is so abundant and generous enough to offer me more than just breath. Here are the items I appreciate most for yesterday:

  • Teammates

I appreciate that I got two cooperative and smart teammates for a market research project presentation. Xinyan provided great insights based on her experience in the market research industry, and Haoyu made her best efforts in collecting information and making slides. Without their support, I wouldn’t even have had any ideas for the project. We did a good job yesterday!

  • Fit&Rec

Working out cheers me up. So after the presentation, I decided to reward myself with a 45-minute workout on the elliptical. While sweating, I watched Rick Warren’s sermon “Standing out at work,” which is about how to get promotion in career. The 45 minutes was great enjoyment.

  • Library

I waste my time studying at home, but I can be very productive at the library. Thank God for providing a perfect spot in the Reserve Room at BU’s Mugar Memorial Library. I occupied a table where I spent a quality time of two hours finishing a class assignment. The flow and focus gave me peace and joy.

  • Food

I cooked with butter for dinner yesterday, which was the first time in my life. The dish was a mixture of  mushrooms, carrot cubes, zucchini cubes, broccoli cubes, corns, onions, and ham cubes. It was awesome, and my stomach was totally satisfied.

  • NPR

After a long day, I revitalized myself with the music on NPR. “Piano Jazz” fit my moods of evening perfectly. I fell in love with Eubie Blake last night, completely.

Maybe you have heard too many people say we should be grateful for what we have, or some of them would ask you to make a list for items you feel good about, but you seldom have the time, or motivation, or discipline to do it. Why not start today? Let’s share each other’s happiness and sorrow.

What melted your heart yesterday?


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