Alone vs. Lonely

We can be alone, but we don’t have to be lonely. But is it easy to confront loneliness when you are alone?

Frankly speaking, it is hard, at least for me. But thank God for protecting me all the time, even when the time I didn’t know him. He has been blessing me with wisdom and support from family and friends to deal with loneliness and temptations.

I know God is building my characters during the time of being single. He is helping me grow to be a by putting more time reading the Bible and Christian books, serving and being served in His campus ministry at BU, and having fulfilling time with brothers and sisters in different fellowships.

He blesses me with an eye to recognize the beauty in and around me, filling my heart with joy and thankfulness. I am alone, for homework’s sake most of the time, but I am not lonely. I am fully loved.

This afternoon, I burst into tears when I read Nick Vujicic’s Unstoppable on relationship — “My prayer for you is that someday, when you’re ready to receive it, God will put contentment in your heart, either by blessing you with someone who loves you or by allowing you to feel fully blessed without someone.” Praise God for the message!


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