Joy is a choice.

Choose joy by Kay WarrenJoy is a choice. The level of joy you experience is completely and totally up to you. It is not dependent on anyone else — what they don or don’t do, how they behave or don’t behave. Joy cannot be manipulated by the actions of puny human beings. It is not dependent on the amount of sadness or suffering or difficulties you endure. Joy cannot be held hostage to fear, pain, anger, disappointment, sadness, or grief. At the end of any given day, the amount of joy you experienced is the exact amount of jot you chose to experience. You, my friend, are in charge. The sooner you embrace this pivotal reality, the sooner you can begin to live a more joyful life. — Choose Joy by Kay Warren

Things don’t seem to work out recently. “But it’s ok,” I would pretend to behave like this.

I am not cool inside.

I really want to know how you dealt with a breakup,  a loss of family member, a challenge in school or career, or financial loss? How did the Holy Spirit work in your life to make you stronger? How did you submit yourself to God?

How to choose joy?


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