“Sunday daughter”

The past Sunday a Spanish sister brought up the idea of “Sunday Christian” when we talked about her journey of finding a God-centered church in Boston. At that moment I didn’t think it had anything to do with me, yet after calling my grandpa in China tonight I was hit by a thought that I am such a Sunday granddaughter, niece, and daughter, and therefore not any better than a Sunday Christian.

I seldom call my mom – maybe once a week or every two weeks. I may have made my mom feel she was a burden – “I don’t want to bother you as you are so busy,” while I spent most of the time feeling lonely and bitter.

I visit my aunt every Sunday, even though she tells me to go back home any day. The family is so loving, yet I sometime feel visiting them is more like a duty.

Moreover, I thrilled my grandpa every time I called him – see how “often” I call him!

There’s no love in the flesh. There’s no life in the flesh. It is all about itself. It is dead.

God, I confess my self-centeredness. Could You please help me love? Could You help me keep Your commandments?

Holy Spirit, I need You. Please lead me and teach me and correct me. Shine Your light on my secret sins and I will repent in the presence of Your love.

Father, please remind me of what a Proverbs 31 woman is like – the woman who pleases Your heart and whom you desire Your daughter to be. I will keep knocking the door and seek You because You are my shepherd and my good Father.

Thank You!


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