3 Years of Wandering

Botswana, South Africa, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greece, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, and of course United States… So people did read! And they somehow found my blog from every continent. (Thank you guys. I hope my blog has been a blessing.)

So you may have noticed my last post went online back in July 2014. What happened in the 3 years?

  • I went back to China, my home country, majorly because I didn’t get a work visa to stay in the States. WP is blocked there. People use WeChat. We have shorter attention span. Who doesn’t?
  • I was confused and still am about my motivations behind of all my publishing on social media. Am I writing to worship my Savior primarily? Or is it self-exalting or simply a way of releasing emotions? I am afraid of being judged. I am afraid that the content will reveal my self-righteousness, pride, and narrow-mindedness.
  • Procrastination. Have you not felt the strong urge to finish a well-written piece at once? For me, “well-written” means following all the grammar and style rules recommended by William Zinsser in his classic On Writing WellConciseness, clarity, and consistency. But achieving these characters for a piece of writing (and mostly as a human) takes time; simplicity is wisdom acquired over a lifetime. A rookie has to write to become a veteran who still works diligently to write better. Procrastination is simply an excuse to avoid working hard.
  • Life has been busy since I came back in March 2016. (This is a long story, but it can serve as a testimony to praise my God!) I suffered a six-month waiting before God led me to the position of international admissions counselor at a blessed Christian college. Work, fellowship, gym, coffee shops, worry, planning, and pausing. Blogging is not a priority.

Then why this post? Because I realized as long as I plan the content with the gifts God has given me, the reflections about life transition, sufferings, job search, work, discipleship, mom-daughter communication, and even lifestyle matters could be a vessel to comfort and enlighten people from all the nations. I want to keep a record of all the greatness God has shown me in my life, oh yea, to cling to the theme “Revolutionary Road.” May this blog be a witness. I pray it can also be an offering of good stewardship.

Although I did want to write a more polished one – one with better structure and flow and style and humor, the best way for me to re-start this journey is just to put this out there.

More to come. God’s blessings are countless.










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