About Debra

Hi, friends! You are now reading Debra Daoxin Zhang’s blog. Welcome to her world!

Debra is a second-year graduate student in Boston University’s public relations program. She received her B.A. in Communication from Heilongjiang University, China, in 2011. Driven by the desire to delve into PR, she started her journey in the New England island. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a career where she can combine her passions for social media and nonprofit management.

Deb’s interests include reading, jogging, and cooking. She loves watching movies and TV dramas. Her favorite film is Once; her favorite TV series are The West Wing and How I Met Your Mother. Deb also enjoys listening to all kinds of music. Recently, she is enthusiastic about the touching songs from the Hillsong United worship team.

Deb got her name from her sisters Ada Kao and Sandra Lu during the GRACE 2011. Inspired by the TV series Drop Dead Diva, in which the main character Deb Dobkins was brought back to in the body of Jane Bingum, Deb Zhang thought using this name signified her rebirth. So she decided to choose this name over any other one such as “Diane.” She is very grateful for her new name given by God, and she really loves it!

Deb is exploring and probing and thinking about the life she ought to live under God’s leading. She knows it is a revolutionary road that is not smooth. So she started this blog to record her confusion as well as the wisdom from God, to witness how she gets closer to God through her daily experiences, and to help steer herself toward the righteous and graceful and peaceful way.


One thought on “About Debra”

  1. your blog is very inspirational, and reminds me the relationship with God is everlasting. By reading his words, we are not chasing wind, but for him. Thanks, sister, sharing your thoughts with us, God love you!

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